Raising leaders from the Ranks!!

After a year of planting Victory Makati, i was faced with the problem Jesus already said each church planter would face!!!(Matthew 9:37 The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few”) I had scarcity of leaders!!!

I had great people with so much passion for Christ and potential but not enough leaders who could lead ushering, worship, Victory groups etc… I was initially lost and sought for outside help. I didnt have enough pastors, campus staff and volunteers.

After much prayer and thinking, I decided to quit whining and start acting. I made a decision to simply RAISE LEADERS FROM THE RANKS!!! I figured, If God through pastor Steve, Ferdie, Joey ,Rico,Paolo etc.. could train someone like me, how dare I not give other younger guns a shot. (writing that last sentence made me feel old, Im just 33!!!)

So here are a couple of things I have purposefully done to raise leaders.

1. IDENTIFY – after prayer, God led me to spend my time strategically with some men in our church. Some men are older, some younger, some realllly young. I don’t have a lot of time between family and church but these guys get my time.

2. INVOLVE – this makes tasks longer… but I have decided that im going to empower these men that i have equipped and trained and let them carry the church load. i mentor them in teaching and other responsibilities in church. I just have to trust these guys, like how my mentors trusted me. Mistakes are cool as long as they are humble enough to learn.

3. INTERCEDE – ask the Lord God for laborers, often neglected is the element of prayer regarding
leaders, that God would send some, but also would work in and through the lives of the leaders you are raising.

Its been a joy seeing leaders rise up and fulfill their calling in God. I just want to end this blog with a phrase Pastor Ferdie Cabiling always told me when I was young “RAISE FROM WITHIN!!!” (grrrrrr :))


Did you ever wish you were rich?

Growing up in an exclusive boys school, I always had class mates from prominent families. These guys were really rich ,they always traveled and had the latest Gi Joes and Rc cars ( remote control for the young ones). They literally could go, eat and get whatever they want.

I always envied how these people ( don’t you at times?) Thinking that these guys never had problems and the lives they lived were fairytales that always had great endings.

The older I got the more I realized that this was not true. All those people had challenges, for some relational, some emotional or some physical.

epgh 1:3 “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places”

Reading this verse encouraged me, realizing that I am RICH,RICH IN CHRIST. That as a child of God ( read Eph 1)
I have everything I need in Christ.

The riches we all is complete, it goes far and beyond material and financial ( I believe it’s in the package though:)) but it’s full and satisfying. My prayer is that we all understand the real riches available for us through Jesus.

3 things God is teaching me.

These are just some random thoughts on leadership that I believe God is teaching me

1. Faith level- continually soaking in God, through prayer and bible reading, hanging out with people who stir my faith.

2. humility level- am I constantly in a state of wanting to learn more. From reading books to asking different people for advise

3 preparedness level – do i strategically prepare for things Im believing God for. Savings? Raising up leaders etc…making a plan for the future.

Just a random blog….

Random thoughts on raising up leaders

Part of my job is to raise up leaders to run the ministry. Here are some the things I deliberately do to make sure that happens.

1. Pray – i ask God to give them to us
2. Patience – we should allow them to make mistakes, and stick with them even if it affects short term results
3. Palaging may mentoring ( to keep the letter p) – this takes time..but constant updates and meetings help young eagles fly

people mentored me and I pray I get to raise up leaders.

Gasol and the Gospel ( this is not a bball blog)

Warning this is a spiritual blog.

( Basketball background)
If you are an NBA fan, you know that the Lakers ( a team i actually dont like) are being beaten by the Mavs 0-2. (we all know its not yet over)

I just want to highlight how the Laker fan treat a particular player, Pau Gasol. Prior to him coming to the Lakers, the great Kobe Bryant couldn’t get his team a championship or even out of the first round. With him, they have been to 3 finals appearances and brought them 2 championships.

This year Gasol has been playing terrible, resulting in the ire of the Laker fans.. the booing, the heckling..is just plain brutal. Sure, he has not played well but have they forgotten what he has done before?

(Gospel insight)
Got me thinking about the world that we live in and the power of the Gospel. The world assess you according to your performance. Basically, how good or bad you are. You are actually only as good as your last game.

On the other hand, the Gospel is NOT about performance, it about Jesus! What he has done for you and what he continues to do for you! There are times I feel like im not performing ( my sin) but the beauty is that God evaluates me based on Jesus’s work not mine. All I need to do is put my trust in Him and what He did for me.

For in the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.” Romans 1:17

What do you see?

What do you see?

Jesus was strolling on the beach and then he saw someone that people usually ignored Levi the tax collector. ( mark 2:13-17) A little context here for you to appreciate this picture…

Society saw tax collectors as traitors (working for Romans), dirty and dishonest ( they couldn’t testify in court). They were despised and looked down on by society. Yet, Jesus called him!!! Here was a contrast with how people and Jesus saw Levi.

People saw Levi as a problem….Jesus saw his potential
People saw Levi as trash …. Jesus saw him as treasure
People saw Levi as liar… Jesus saw him as potential leader

Basically….. People saw a tax collector. Jesus saw a future apostle.

When you see people around you? What do you see?

sure am glad pastor ferdie, steve, omeng and rico saw potential in an alien looking, high waisted, geek looking grade school student 20 years ago. ( me!!!)

Creativity is Overrated

I was recently introduced by a friend as being as a creative pastor and frankly I was shocked. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for the compliment but its not how I see myself or how I want to be known.

I think creativity is overrated. Some people feel that some people are more blessed with creativity I chose to disagree. I think PASSION ( specifically for God and His Kingdom) is more essential. Its because of passion that I think of out of the box ideas.

Its passion to reach the working people in Makati that got us thinking of a Tuesday service.
Its passion for the Word ( keep them awake) that made us think of having a coffee break during service

Its passion to educate our staff that makes us have weird kinds of staff meetings.
Its passion to equip our volunteer admin staff thats why we came up with our own admin module.
Its passion to impart truth that forces us to think of crazy props/ object lessons
Its passion to disciple leaders that why we came up with Digging Day ( equipping leaders)

etc. etc. etc.

i believe that once you are really passionate about something that you will not stop thinking, experimenting, asking, reading about that particular passion.

As a church planter, If I keep my passion for loving God and making disciples then the creativity will naturally follow!!!