I was recently introduced by a friend as being as a creative pastor and frankly I was shocked. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for the compliment but its not how I see myself or how I want to be known.

I think creativity is overrated. Some people feel that some people are more blessed with creativity I chose to disagree. I think PASSION ( specifically for God and His Kingdom) is more essential. Its because of passion that I think of out of the box ideas.

Its passion to reach the working people in Makati that got us thinking of a Tuesday service.
Its passion for the Word ( keep them awake) that made us think of having a coffee break during service

Its passion to educate our staff that makes us have weird kinds of staff meetings.
Its passion to equip our volunteer admin staff thats why we came up with our own admin module.
Its passion to impart truth that forces us to think of crazy props/ object lessons
Its passion to disciple leaders that why we came up with Digging Day ( equipping leaders)

etc. etc. etc.

i believe that once you are really passionate about something that you will not stop thinking, experimenting, asking, reading about that particular passion.

As a church planter, If I keep my passion for loving God and making disciples then the creativity will naturally follow!!!