What do you see?

Jesus was strolling on the beach and then he saw someone that people usually ignored Levi the tax collector. ( mark 2:13-17) A little context here for you to appreciate this picture…

Society saw tax collectors as traitors (working for Romans), dirty and dishonest ( they couldn’t testify in court). They were despised and looked down on by society. Yet, Jesus called him!!! Here was a contrast with how people and Jesus saw Levi.

People saw Levi as a problem….Jesus saw his potential
People saw Levi as trash …. Jesus saw him as treasure
People saw Levi as liar… Jesus saw him as potential leader

Basically….. People saw a tax collector. Jesus saw a future apostle.

When you see people around you? What do you see?

sure am glad pastor ferdie, steve, omeng and rico saw potential in an alien looking, high waisted, geek looking grade school student 20 years ago. ( me!!!)