After a year of planting Victory Makati, i was faced with the problem Jesus already said each church planter would face!!!(Matthew 9:37 The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few”) I had scarcity of leaders!!!

I had great people with so much passion for Christ and potential but not enough leaders who could lead ushering, worship, Victory groups etc… I was initially lost and sought for outside help. I didnt have enough pastors, campus staff and volunteers.

After much prayer and thinking, I decided to quit whining and start acting. I made a decision to simply RAISE LEADERS FROM THE RANKS!!! I figured, If God through pastor Steve, Ferdie, Joey ,Rico,Paolo etc.. could train someone like me, how dare I not give other younger guns a shot. (writing that last sentence made me feel old, Im just 33!!!)

So here are a couple of things I have purposefully done to raise leaders.

1. IDENTIFY – after prayer, God led me to spend my time strategically with some men in our church. Some men are older, some younger, some realllly young. I don’t have a lot of time between family and church but these guys get my time.

2. INVOLVE – this makes tasks longer… but I have decided that im going to empower these men that i have equipped and trained and let them carry the church load. i mentor them in teaching and other responsibilities in church. I just have to trust these guys, like how my mentors trusted me. Mistakes are cool as long as they are humble enough to learn.

3. INTERCEDE – ask the Lord God for laborers, often neglected is the element of prayer regarding
leaders, that God would send some, but also would work in and through the lives of the leaders you are raising.

Its been a joy seeing leaders rise up and fulfill their calling in God. I just want to end this blog with a phrase Pastor Ferdie Cabiling always told me when I was young “RAISE FROM WITHIN!!!” (grrrrrr :))