Dream Members

Last Sunday was a very emotional Sunday for Victory Makati as one of our top leaders Steve and Mayen Cadd announced that they would be leaving for the States for at least a year. They will be raising funds for a missions movie project for Nepal.

Steve who is a missionary/director has been instrumental in leading our church. His creative input and passion 4 God has taken our leadership team to a whole new level.
His teaching impact on Training 4 Victory ( our future leaders) will surely be missed. We will miss his animated antics hehe.

Mayen who has been a worship leader for years has also taken our worship to a whole new level. I will surely miss this woman’s anointed worship leading and comical stories!!!

As a pastor, it really is a privilege for me to co-labor with this couple. Their humility, willingness to be team players and tremendous faith makes them a dream member for any church. To Steve and Mayen.. Victory Makati is thankful for you guys. We will see you around….


Stressed Out.

For the next 2 weeks Victory Metro Manila will have their own local series in order to address specific needs. Victory Makati and Victory Fort will be having a series called STRESSED OUT!!! I am really pumped for this series!!!

There are a million things that can get us stressed.. our boss, traffic, finances, family problems, officemates etc…. If you are stressed or if you know anyone who is stressed this is the perfect series !!! See what God has to say about being stressed!!! Visit us @ MAkati Aim conference center ( 10 am and 4pm “new service” or Go to Victory Fort “anytime sila dun”) See yah!!!

My center smells like cigarettes and I love it.

some youth leaders

Yesterday, LifeBox Makati led by our campus director King Reyes ( formerly of star circle batch 9) conducted a youth service. We packed in 170 students in a 70 seater hall. ( its was hot!!!)
Kids worshipped, heard a great word, did life groups and had a blast hanging out and singing karaoke style.

While going back and forth the office and the small meeting hall, I noticed that the center smelled like cigarettes!!!! I was concerned at first thinking that the staff went back to smoking ( haha thats a joke!!) but i realized that King and his team had invited LOST students who smoked a lot. Their clothes smelled really bad and you could actually hear a lot of cussing out the corridors ( hopefully not our youth leaders hehe)! IT was awesome!

I went home packed my bags and simply thanked God that our campus ministers have decided to focus on the lost and reach out to them no matter what smell they have!

¶ On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. Matthew 9:12

An important lesson for a rookie Senior pastor!!!

This blog is really really late. Last January was Victory Makati’s first ever prayer and fasting. I was so pumped to seek God with our new congregation. I had my agenda prepared, picked the songs, fixed the program then …BANG! I GOT SICK, MACY TOO. Sparing you the details, we caught a virus ( thank God not dengue) we were knocked out for 2 weeks!!!

I tried my best to get up and attend, but I just couldn’t. I was FASTING AND NOW I WAS FURIOUS. It was such a bummer. Yet God was taught me one BIG LESSON!!!

“HE WILL BUILD HIS CHURCH” and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. Matthew 16:18

He simply whispered in my ear that He got this. All the prayer session were awesome the staff stepped up, the volunteers stepped up, but more importantly. God was always UP!

I guess it was a simple promise that God gave a rookie senior pastor that season. He will build His Church and the beautiful thing is I get to tag along for the ride!!! 🙂

plan and pray

Just had a meeting with Gavs ( worship services head) and Adrian ( musical director, volunteer) about plans and lineups for this weeks prayer and fasting for Victory Makati. (jan 7-13 @ lpl center and makati sports club)

We were discussing, the songs that would be sang, the order by which to sing them and the general theme for each meeting. We go through extensive preparations and plans to make sure we all have a great worship experience!

I believe that GOd is planner Jer 29:11 says “He has PLANS for us, PLANS to prosper us not to harm us..” Yeah, Im pretty sure God would mess some of our plans this fasting time, but its not an excuse for us not to plan at all.

Pastor JoeyB. was sharing ( in the pastors mtg) about coming in prepared and planned but having the sensitivity to the Spirit to adjust things that God may be doing in our midst.

I guess my take home ( not only for the fasting prep but for life) Is to prepare the best I can, and pray really hard that I have the grace to hear God if I should go on with the plan, or change the plan in every area of my life!!!

Fasting makes me hungry ( 1st blog of 2011)

Our spiritual family usually starts the year ( the past decade at least) with 7 days of prayer and fasting. Just thinking about it makes me hungry!!! I can say i’m excited about it,yet there is a part of me that dreads it! Yes, you read that right, there is a part of me that hates fasting! I guess that’s the sinful, fleshy, selfish, “me” centered, unspiritual side of me.

Yet, every year ( by the grace of God) I still fast!!! After 7 days of starving myself, I ALWAYS find myself loving God more, hungry for His Word, having a clearer purpose for life and experiencing awesome miracles and breakthroughs in my personal, family and ministry. So I guess the 7 days of hunger is certainly worth it! Cheers!! (using glass full of water!!!)

How to keep Discipleship at the forefront of your church?

My pastor friend asked me a simple question this morning “How do you keep Discipleship at the forefront of your church/ ministry? This serves as the inspiration for my blog today.

How do you put discipleship front and center of your church? These are some of the things I do.

1. using the pulpit – I talk about Victory groups directly or indirectly through stories of life change and the benefits i get from it. Yup, every Sunday!!!

2. when speaking to staff, i emphasize victory groups number more than service attendance
( this shows them what is really important!)

3. lead by example, i personally lead my own Victory group with Macy. (thur night, not because im a pastor, but cause im a christian)

4. i quarterly challenge ministry heads ( kids, worship , tech team etc) to make Victory groups a priority in their ministries. ( this is the heart of waht we do!)

5. Discipleship events such as Victory Weekend/ Training 4 Victory always has a portion where people can sign up in Victory groups ( all roads lead to Discipleship)

6. Leadership Convergence (monthly)- is always a place where we cast vision to reach the lost and start groups. ( a time of celebration, december we honor them by giving the Victory leaders a party)

7. Every event planning ( singles/ youth/ worship service) starts with the question “how will this help disciple people?”

PS: a lot of these things were copied from other pastors.